Over the past three years, members of the Digital Learning Team have introduced faculty, staff, and students to  hypothes.is, an open-source, standards-based collaborative annotation platform. Hypothes.is is a web-based tool that encourages students to engage within the margins of the online text, with one another, and sometimes even the original author of the piece they are reading.  

Hypothes.is supports our commitment to inclusive educational practices by: 

  • Encourage students to engage in meaningful dialogue and conversation online with their peers;
  • Support student learning through open educational tools that allow for online annotation and note-taking; 
  • Allow for greater collaboration within online texts and articles for faculty adopting  texts and other web-based readings outside of the LMS; 
  • Models scholarly practice and encourages students to consider multiple ways of understanding by engaging with the text and their peers. 

“While web annotation technology can bring clear pedagogical benefits to a particular course, it is also a tool that students may take from class to class and into their own inquiries and conversations beyond campus. Similarly, unlike many traditional ed-tech products, instructors and staff can also use Hypothesis in their own professional and intellectual work as well as in the classroom”

Dr. Jeremy Dean, Director of Education, Hypothes.is