The DLA program is a peer-learning model focused on providing support as students engage new technologies and digital platforms in their time at Muhlenberg. Established in the Fall of 2016, the Digital Learning Assistant (DLA) program builds off of a campus-wide commitment to peer-learning at Muhlenberg for helping to shape, guide, and support students’ academic success. With the expansion and growth of digital learning opportunities and pedagogies across the curriculum, the DLA program supports students in achieving their digital learning goals.  Current DLAs are trained in four primary areas of focus:

  • ePortfolios, Domain of One’s Own, and Web Publishing
  • Open Education Textbooks and Resources
  • Mapping and GIS
  • Mediamaking, Podcasting, and Digital Storytelling

Trained DLAs provide individual and small group drop-in sessions on digital technologies, tools, and practices that are currently used, or emerging, in courses and programs at Muhlenberg. DLAs are also available to partner with instructors throughout a semester long course to support and build digital learning projects, workshops and tutorials.

You can find the DLA drop-in schedule at:

Rachel Profile Picture

Rahcel Bensimhon ’22

A daydreamer in the class of 2022, I’m a Media & Communication major with a double minor in Computer Science and English. I’m a Writing Tutor and a DLA with an interest in programming, research, and art. When I’m not at the library, I’m drinking iced coffee, playing video games, and drawing in my sketchbook. I specialize in digital scholarship research, BergBuilds domains, and designing custom websites on WordPress. I’ve also developed various infographics, art assets, and websites specifically for the Digital Learning Team


Leia Resnick ’23

Leia Resnick is a sophomore majoring in Media and Communication (and maybe another major that she hasn’t decided on yet), and she’s so excited to be joining the DLA team! In her free time, she loves painting, creative writing, and playing around with graphic design. When it comes to digital learning, Leia is specifically interested in video editing with WeVideo and working with WordPress!

Former DLAs

Shu Tang ’23
Jarrett Azar ’20
Madison Reisler ’19
Daniel Lester ’18
Meredith Salisbury ’18
Tram Pham ’21
Jack Mangas ’20
Nick Cunningham ’18
Emory Newman ’18
Karl Schultz ’18
Adam Ackerman ’20
Anthony Fillis ’19
Lissa Heidemann ’18
Jazzy Pignatello ’18