Domain of One’s Own

Join the Digital Learning Team on April 25 for a Tech Tuesday discussion on a pilot project we initiated this year: Domain of One’s Own.  Members of the Digital Learning Team have written about the early months of this initiative in a series of blog posts that are rounded up in this post:  In this Tech Tuesday session, we update the community our progress with the initiative and introduce future possibilities for getting involved.

The focal point of our Domains initiative launch this semester is a Faculty Learning Community. Ten faculty and several Digital Learning Team members have been meeting throughout Spring semester to explore new possibilities for faculty, staff, and students to design and build their digital presence with greater flexibility and independence, and to exercise greater agency in determining what and how to share their scholarship and learning publicly online.  Each faculty member is developing their own domain, some focused on teaching, others focused on scholarly projects. The themes, readings, and activities for the FLC are openly available here:  The FLC site provides much more background on the project and the motivations behind our Domains initiative than we can address in our short Tech Tuesday presentation.  We hope you’ll take a look and perhaps even encounter material there that you want to share with students or colleagues.

Throughout the year, the Digital Learning Team has been developing the resources necessary to support faculty, staff and students in developing their digital presence via Domains.  Tim Clarke has developed a thorough site for support documentation here:  Building on and extending the knowledge base created by folks who developed Domain of One’s Own at University of Mary Washington and its early adopters at Emory University and Oklahoma University, Tim’s documentation takes you step by step through the process of creating a Domain and getting up and running.

We’ve also been cultivating expertise among a cadre of Digital Learning Assistants who have offered workshops, one on one consultations, and course visits to help faculty and students begin building their Domains. Faculty consistently note how helpful it is to have peer assistants–much like a writing assistant or a learning assistant–to help introduce Domains to students and support them as they begin creating, curating, and organizing their sites.  The DLA website and schedule is here:  While we don’t know the DLA Fall 2017 schedule just yet, it’s certainly possible to begin thinking about a DLA-led workshop to help introduce your students to Domains.

In May and June, DLT members are giving several presentations at conferences near and far about our early work with Domains. Check back soon for blog posts and slides from those presentations.

If you’re interested in signing up for Domain of One’s Own, please fill out this very brief interest form:  A member of the DLT will be in touch shortly to help you get started.

Slides from our Domains Tech Tuesday are here: